I am an heterodox economist.
A list of my main publications can be found in my CV, but please notice that this contains both heterodox and mainstream economic publications. The latter should be regarded as work, as opposed to my research, i.e. the former.

Under the sway of simplistic statistical techniques (“bibliometrics”), government regulations in Italy and a number of other countries imply a pernicious confusion of the quality of research with its citation impact. Effectively, chances of hiring and promotion for young economists (and not only) depend on their ability to publish seemingly mainstream articles in patently mainstream journals (more information can be found in some of my own publications, e.g. here, here, and here).

While I strongly criticize such state of things, I decided to subjugate myself into writing a number of “exercises” (what I call work) for some years, as a display of technical prowess that could afford me admittance to the club of academic economics. These publications are exercises in the sense that, at least, I did not write anything of which I do not share the implications for the real world. The rest, that is the mainstream economic analysis in there, is harmless fairy tales.
This decision, influenced by personal and family considerations, is of course liable to criticism. However, it allowed me to also pursue economic research, which I hope did and still can do some good.